1. Lost Soul
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Lost Soul

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Ya black cuz ya first you not black cuz you cursed
they said chu was a slave so all you wanted was a purse
all he wanted was to eat, fell victim to the streets
already got robbed, found out it wasn't sweet
lil bro didn't wanna job, didn't make enough a week
but he was blinded by opinions so he just couldn't see

got locked up for the purse, lil bro just went free
his ol lady cut eem off lil bro contact me
I say you gotta get a job, you can't live went free
you killin the god within, that can't be on me
damn... it's just in, he didn't have ID
it's bout to be a long day at the DMV
The police pull us over it's either him or me
he tapped on me on the shoulder
say I need ID
I said officer I got it, but it's under my seat
lil bro nervous, heart racing man i'm hearing it beat

I'm thinkin bout castile, man this feeling is real
referrniig back to the training, while i'm tellin em chill
All he thinkin bout is jail, all he feelin is hell
locked up wit no mail, in a lil small cell
cop say get da wallet, wit his hand on his waist
he got sum on up sleeve, see the look in his face

he reach down, man wait before you bout to make a mistake
i'm bout to read da final call he gone be all day
he took the gun off his hip, fist cluthing the grip
now he anxious w/ no patience ready to empty the clip
he told us both get out the car said 10 30 that's danger
Bro reaching fearing for his life, cop think it's a banger
approaching wit quick motion, he just wanted the angle
so he was only going live, cop shot out of anger...